We help entrepreneurs hit their first 7 figure year

Without burning out, or spending money on ads

The Autogrowth Academy is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business without having to post on social media. We believe that your marketing strategy should focus on evergreen content that brings you more customers every day on autopilot.

My Entrepreneurial Story:
I was in debt & burned out…

My first year running my marketing agency I ended up $50k in debt, and working 60hrs / week with no time for my family 😩 or money in my pocket.

Now we have a thriving lifestyle business, with more leads than we can handle, a high profit margin but more importantly I’ve been able to take vacations and reclaimed my free time to spend with my family!

In today’s business world there’s a HUGE myth – that in order to earn more you need to work harder, longer and post as much content as possible.

What if you could flip the script? What if you could scale a business without sacrificing your personal life? What if you could create get more customers without paying for ads? What if you could earn 7 figures AND live your dream lifestyle?

Features & Certifications

Why My First Business Didn’t Work…

Overworked 40+ hours a week ⏰
Underpaid (anything less than $150k)
Burned out, doing everything yourself
Razor thin margins🪒 = can’t afford to grow your business
Can’t take on new work because you can’t afford to hire
Wakeup with hundreds of overdue tasks & fires 🔥
No time (or money) for vacations
Constantly thinking “I’m so close” when nothing actually changes

how i felt in my first 3 years of entrepreneurship

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There is a Better Way!

What I needed was…
More leads than you can handle = tons of customers
An irresistible landing page that turns leads into paying customers
More customers lets you fire the shitty & poor customers 🔥
Better packaging to increase profit, without more work
Then you will have…
Enough demand to pay yourself what you deserve
More time to work on your business (not in it)
The money to take stress-free vacations
Unlimited time to spend with family

Me in the Bahamas AFTER automating my marketing strategy

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Our Promise To You:

We are committed to accelerating your success. Our aim is for you to see a tangible return on your investment within the initial 100 days of our program. If you don’t we’ll work for free until you do.

Academy Entrepreneurs Grow Slowly, But Steadily To Reliably Grow Your Business

Here’s how:
With our program you’re going to go through each of the 3 main phases; Setup, Scale, Sustain.
This is how us lifestyle entrepreneurs can work less and earn more.

Introducing; The Autogrowth Strategy™

Phase #1: Setup – Marketing Strategy

The first thing you’ll do is create a custom content strategy that gets more traffic and customers over time. Instead of fizzling out in 24 hours on social media.

By the end of this phase you’ll have:

A clear step-by-step content plan
Bullet-proof marketing strategy to slowly grow traffic, generate leads, and turn them into paying customers
Clearly identified who you customer is and how you will target them online
3 compelling lead magnets that your customers actually want
A 12 month, step-by-step content plan that brings your more traffic every month, by creating less content.
automated marketing agency having a consulting session with an entrepreneur

Phase #2: Strategic Scaling

Inbound marketing is a slow, but reliable way to grow your business month after month. The bulk of your marketing work boils down to this:

Having 1 clear landing page that converts traffic into dollars
Create 1 original video (that targets a high intent search)
Create 1 automated webpage for your video to live
A clear dashboard to track your traffic, & conversions
Execute on this as frequently as you can
Use the Autogrowth Strategy toolkit and step-by-step guides
1-1 monthly marketing calls with your fractional VP of marketing
autogrowth academy marketing dashboard

Phase #3: Grow & Sustain

By this phase you’ll have an automated marketing system that’s driving leads, and new customers. This is where we focus on you – the entrepreneur. We help you automate your traffic machine to grow more, by working less.

Enough traffic that you’ll have more leads than you can handle
Enough leads that you can say “no” to the problem customers
Enough customers to hire the roles you’ve always needed
Enough profit to take home 6 or 7 figures yourself!
Enough time to work on your business, the next business, or spend your time hiking with your family (like me!)

Meet Your Marketing Automation Expert & Co-Founder Of Autogrowth Academy

Founded by Mark Taylor, who rejected his entrepreneurial training from MIT that pushed a “no cash-flow, build it big” business model. Instead became a lifestyle entrepreneur using the automated marketing strategy; The Autogrowth Strategy™, Mark & his wife’s company has helped dozens of other lifestyle entrepreneurs grow 6 figures a year to multi millions a year.
The Autogrowth Academy team helps lifestyle entrepreneurs that want to build an automated marketing system. We help you become get more profit, work less and reclaim your freedom.

Picture yourself this time, next year…

Will you be on the same trajectory you’re on now? Working too hard, and making too little? Or will you make a meaningful change and do next year different? Picture this:
Your business gets more leads that you can handle
You work with only the best, highest paying customers
You have an abundance of time to do the things you love
Your business can run without you always worrying or having to “just check in”
You’re paying yourself a consistent, and healthy 6 figure salary
You can travel wherever you want whenever you want

We’re proud supporters of 1% For The Planet™ and give back yearly to The Ocean Cleanup Project.

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Autogrowth Academy:

$700 Value

Conversion tracking setup for you

Real-time marketing funnel dashboard

Position tracking, traffic & conversions

bottom up marketing strategy package

$2,500 Value

Autogrowth Strategy video workshops

Video & webpage checklists

Step-by-step instructional guides

$1,500 Value

1-1 Monthly strategy calls

Outsource your tasks to us!

Measure & ensure your success

Total Value = $4,700

You Only Pay = $47

Top Questions That Entrepreneurs
Have About Autogrowth Academy

How much time do you need to invest in order to see results?

During the program you will have about 1hr of group coaching, or 1:1 calls every other week. On top of that you should expect to put in about 4 hours per week working on the systems, and content in order to progress in the steps of your personalized marketing strategy.

How soon should I expect to see results?

Our marketing strategy is an organic and evergreen approach. This means your business will grow more, the longer you continue. It’s not uncommon that your results in month 12 will be 10x greater than your results in month 4. Typically the Group coaching Autogrowth Academy students average 6 months to earn an extra $2,000/mo in revenue.

I’ve already hired a marketing agency, how is this different?

Unlike marketing agencies the Autogrowth Academy is a complete business growth system specifically designed for lifestyle entrepreneurs. We work with directly with you to transform your business into a high converting, lead generating machine. While we will create some marketing campaigns, it’s our goal that by the end you can choose to either fire your agency, or keep them to further help fuel your growth. No marketing agency will empower you with this knowledge, tools, systems, and support to achieve your personal success.

money back guaranteed badge

Our Marketing Agency’ Promise To You:

We are committed to accelerating your success. Our aim is for you to see a tangible return on your investment within the initial 100 days of our program. If you don’t we’ll work for free until you do.