The Autogrowth Academy Process

This is what you can expect when you join the Autogrowth Academy.

  1. Watch our free workshop
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1. Free 5 Step Growth Plan

We’ll identify 3 major bottlenecks and the solutions to take action on. Here’s what you’ll get:

Free marketing strategy call with Mark

Simple & actionable 5 step growth plan

Free marketing package including landing page templates, easy video briefs, irresistible offer guide

2. Marketing Strategy

We’ll understand what your business goals are, who your ideal customer is and where we can find them online. Here’s what you’ll get:

1x Consulting call so we can learn about your business

Optimize your product pricing

We’ll create your inbound marketing strategy

3. Dashboard Setup

We’ll setup your custom Looker studio dashboard & Asana project management board so you can accurately measure:

How much traffic you’re getting

How many leads / sales are generated (conversions)

Keyword tracking

(We’ll set this up for you!)

4. Search Optimized Content Plan

With your marketing strategy done, we’ll use this to find searches (keywords) that will bring your ideal customers to you, on autopilot.

Target keyword list

Custom 12 month inbound content plan

Step-by-step instructions for your webpage or video

5. Turn On The Traffic

Next we’ll give you:

Optimized Google search campaign built for you

Content creation templates for you to create organic content that gets more traffic every month

Custom funnel dashboard & conversion tracking for you to monitor your KPIs

Next steps strategy session

6. Content Cadence

Video is the most intimate and approachable way for your customers to get to know & trust you. We’ll make this process easy and quick – in as little as 1 take.

Use any of our 3 video templates

You film as raw as possible – even on your phone!

We’ll edit & embed your video on your landing page

Done With You Calls

If you choose the group or 1:1 option you’ll join bi-weekly calls on fridays where you’ll get:

15 – 30 min marketing / business lesson

15 – 30 min hot seat – we’ll take deep dive into your business in real time

Business experts! We’ll bring in people who are experts in their field to teach us their secret sauce

Done For You Calls

In our done for you marketing package you’ll join your team in a bi-weekly or monthly call to review over your content & results. Then plan for improvements & we’ll take your feedback away.

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Our Marketing Agency’ Promise To You:

We are committed to accelerating your success. Our aim is for you to see a tangible return on your investment within the initial 100 days of our program. If you don’t we’ll work for free until you do.

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll:

automated landing page templates

$5,000 Value

We’ll work with you to build a profit generating marketing funnel that will bring your business to 7 figures+ in revenue.

Get high intent traffic to your webpages

High conversion landing pages built for you.

2 x 1:1 Marketing strategy calls (new year goals & mid way check-in)

Search optimized content built for you

Content optimization checklist

12 month content plan

automation software bundle

$900 Value

Video step-by-step setup tutorials

$900 worth of free trials

Proven flows & nuturing scripts

bottom up marketing strategy package

$2,500 Value

Custom marketing strategy built with you

Content creation checklist

2 Marketing strategy meetings (one at the beginning of the year, one mid way)

$1,500 Value

15 – 30 min marketing / business optimization lesson

15 – 30 minute Q&A / hot seat coaching

Accountable to your growth plan

Measure & ensure your success

Total Value = $9,900

You Only Pay = 3 payments of $975