My 7 Figure Marketing Strategy as a Solopreneur

Mark Wallace

I’ve used this inbound marketing strategy as a solopreneur to grow 2 businesses to multi millions a year in revenue. The best part? I spent $0 on ads.

Hey I’m @MoneyWithMark. I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur and inbound marketing expert. Today, I’m going to share my secret personal solopreneur marketing strategy that took my businesses to 7 figures without spending a dime on ads.

My first business was an affiliate marketing website on personal finances in Canada called Money with Mark. My second business was a marketing agency called the Autogrowth Academy.

Understanding the Basics: Keywords and Conversions

What are Keywords?
Imagine you’re trying to find a new pizza place in your town. You’d probably type something like “best pizza near me” into Google, right? Those words you typed are what we call “keywords”. In the online business world, we use keywords to make sure our websites and YouTube videos show up when people search for something we offer.

What are Conversions?
Now, let’s say you find a pizza website. You look around and decide to order a pizza. When you make that order, you’ve just ‘converted’ from a visitor to a customer. That’s what we mean by conversion. It’s the process of turning a visitor into someone who takes action, like buying something or signing up for a newsletter.

My Step-by-Step Solopreneur Marketing Strategy

1. Finding Evergreen Keywords

Evergreen keywords are like the classic songs that never get old. They are search terms that people keep looking for day after day. Finding these keywords is not hard to do with free tools like uber suggest or paid tools like Ahrefs. I use tools like Google trends to compare similar searches in different geographies to learn what should be my target keyword.

2. Building Webpages and YouTube Videos for Each Keyword

Once I have my list of evergreen keywords, I create a webpage and a YouTube video for each one. This is like setting up lots of little shops all over the internet, each one waiting for visitors. I make sure each page and video is helpful and interesting – nobody likes a boring shop!

And I do this every single day, over and over again until I finish my keyword list. Then – I start over and improve the video & webpage for each keyword.

3. Measuring Website Traffic and Conversion Rate

This is where things get exciting! I keep track of how many people visit my webpages and what they do there. It’s like having a secret camera in your shop. I use tools like Google Analytics for this.

My marketing agency has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and from what we’ve seen in the data. You can expect an average conversion rate between 5% to 15%? This means, ideally, out of 100 visitors, at least 5 should convert (book a call, purchase etc).

But most entrepreneurs have a conversion rate of less than 1% because their webpages are no helpful, and not optimized for conversions.

What to include on your landing pages to increase conversions:

  • Clear, bold headline – that communicates what you have to offer
  • Clear, call to action – in the first section, like a booking calendar, or a form, or a button
  • Testimonials – gives social proof I like using to display reviews & collect them automatically
  • Likeness – introduce yourself and your business! Make the people on your website like what you are doing
  • Reciprocity – give away something for free, makes people more likely to trust and spend with you in the future

Why This Solopreneur Strategy Rocks

No Ad Spend: I’ve grown my businesses without spending any money on ads. This strategy relies on understanding what people are searching for and providing them with the answers they need.

Long-Term Results: Evergreen keywords mean long-term traffic. It’s like building a house on a land that keeps increasing in value.

Measurable Success: By tracking website traffic and conversions, I know exactly what’s working and what’s not. This helps me fine-tune my strategy.

Solopreneur Marketing FAQ’s

Do I need technical skills to use this strategy?

Not really! There are plenty of user-friendly tools out there that make this strategy doable for everyone. If you are not good with learning tech than I would highly recommend hiring a digital marketing consultant to help you along your way.

How long does it take to see results?

It can take a few months to start seeing significant traffic, but remember, it’s about long-term gains! The best part about using an organic inbound content marketing strategy is that you’ll get consistent traffic that grows overtime. So be patient, and grow slowly, but reliably.

Is this strategy only for certain types of businesses?

Yes. This inbound content solopreneur marketing strategy is best for service and local based businesses – not e-commerce. So it works well for consultants, career coaches, local therapists, trades, skilled services like graphic designing etc.

So, there you have it, my secret sauce to making millions as a solopreneur, without spending a penny on ads. Remember, it’s all about finding what people are searching for and giving them exactly that. Keep it simple, keep it targeted, and watch your business grow!

Mark Wallace from Autogrowth Academy

About the author

I'm Mark (AKA Money With Mark) and I'm an entrepreneur that got stuck working 60+hours a week and paying myself <$50k / year. YIKES. Now, I run a 7 figure marketing company and travel 4 months every year. The content that I make helps other stuck entrepreneurs hit their first 7 figure year without posting on social media, or burning out.