7 Mind Blowing 🤯 Marketing Automation Strategies

Mark Wallace

Our marketing automation agency has the privilege working with businesses of all sizes. Scaling solo entrepreneurs from 6 to 7 figures in less than a year. To multi-national conglomerates.

These are the 7 best marketing automation strategies that any business can implement to get mind blowing results.

I hate to do this – but here is how we define “automation”

Marketing automation is simply being able to get more results from less inputs of work. For example this could be changing out a website contact form to a calendly booking form. Which involves work (you creating the calendly account & setting it up), but then allows you to scale, aka automate the process of booking a call with your leads.

It’s important that automation does not mean you don’t do any work, but it means you get more results from the same amount (or less) work.

Marketing Automation Strategies You Can Implement Today

Each marketing automation strategy gets MORE powerful, so read them all.

#7 Automatically deliver lead magnets

Every company should have free lead magnets that you can deliver to customers. If you do, you absolutely need to have them delivered automatically. We use Clickfunnels for our lead magnet forms, which then automatically send the user to their lead magnet after collecting their information.

Want to level up your automation with lead magnets? We use Manychat to setup keyword mentions in my instagram content to DM the people with a link to our lead magnet. It works really well – especially if you have Instagram content that prompts people to leave these comments running as retargeting ads for website visitors!

instagram automation marketing strategy

#6 Automatically contact your leads after getting their information

Not only do we include next steps (call to action) in our lead magnets. But we also setup automatic messaging that speaks to our customers fears, desires, paint points. Then prompts them to take action. While I agree that emails suck… they do work to convert leads to customers.

That’s also why we use Manychat automations. We’re converting more customers in semi-automated instagram DMs than any other channel right now.

#5 Retarget non-customers that visited your website

One of the perks of automation is being able to connect and get your audience’s attention – without having to put in work everyday.

We can easily accomplish this by:

  1. Installing the meta ads pixel on your website
  2. Building a meta ads audience that targets website visitors, that did not visit your conversion page
  3. Creating 1 ad variant per week with a different “keyword” for Manychat delivery of your lead magnets
  4. Monthly take a look at your Manychat automations and see which keywords produced the most leads
  5. Up the budget for high performers, lower the budget for low performers

#4 Stop creating social media content – do this instead

Before you start wasting away your days posting content on socials. Your top of funnel content is best to be evergreen organic content.

This means; make searchable content for YouTube & Google that gets more traffic every month. This is the best way to automate your top of funnel traffic filling your website, retargeting ads, and lead magnets with new people every day.

Example of my organic content marketing strategy:

  1. Find a keyword – examples “best credit cards in canada” searched 12,000 / mo in Canada on Google
  2. Create a search optimized webpage
  3. Create a YouTube video version of the content
  4. Embed the YouTube video at the top of the page
  5. Interlink your content & add backlinks through PR

Then sit back and watch your views, and conversions grow every month. It grows because you get more clicks the higher you rank on YouTube and Google.

#3 Automate your customer intake process

If you’re currently booking customers and arranging meetings via email, or texts, or DM’s. Please stop.

Start using something like Calendly or Hubspot meetings to allow your leads to automatically book their demo, consult call, etc.

calendly automated meetings

#2 Put more budget behind your ads

You’re reading this article because you’re interested in automated marketing strategies. You want more customers with less effort.

How easy would it be to just turn up your ad budget? ✨Poof✨ just like that you can automatically get more customers. Especially if you have an automated intake system.

I can not begin to tell you how many entrepreneurs stop increasing their ad budget. I would say that most of us business owners stop increasing the budget because we’re not accurately measuring our ad performance. That’s why we setup a conversion funnel with ad spend. So our clients can accurately measure their return on ad spend.

marketing automation strategies

#1 Use your marketing automation strategy and apply it to scaleable products

If you really want to maximize your business growth. 🚀 You should have scaleable products that you can use in your marketing automation strategy. These 2 factors in combination product magical results for your scale.

Marketing Automation Strategies FAQ’s

What is an automation strategy?

There are 2 ways to include automation in your marketing.
1. An automation strategy; which involves analyzing your marketing journey, automating a process and repeating this while measuring your funnel.
2. A marketing automation strategy; which uses automation tools in your marketing strategy – but does not include ongoing analysis and optimization.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a simple document that outlines the who, what, where, when, why and how for your business’ goals. Who are you selling to (ideal customers), what are you selling (your product), where are you getting customers (your content & traffic channels), when will the receive the outcome (urgency), why should someone buy from you (outcome based messaging & making it risk free), how people will find & progress down your customer journey.

How is automation used in marketing?

Automation is used in many forms, from basic email sequences after you get someone’s contact information. To more advanced technology like Introhive which automatically updates CRM platforms and finds new connection opportunities to grow your business development.

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